Let’s Be Partners

Our Philosophy – Let’s Be Partners!

When you come in for your appointment, it’s important that you feel comfortable telling us exactly what your concerns are so we will know how best to treat you. It is equally important that before you leave our office, you are comfortable that we have answered all of your questions and that you have a full understanding of what your diagnosis is (if any) and are confident that you are getting the best treatment available.

Below are some guidelines of what you can expect from the physicians as well as the entire staff at Highland Woods Health.

  • We want you to understand
    If you do not understand about a treatment, instructions about your medicine, or our diagnosis… tell us. If we explain again and it is still not clear, say so. Sometimes it takes two or three times to explain all of the details with a difficult topic. We will explain as many times as you need.
  • We will make it clear
    Tell us what you want to know about your illness. If we told you to take it easy until you feel better, and you want to know if you can go to work, watch TV, or go shopping, please ask.
  • We want you to be satisfied
    If you are not comfortable with our recommendation, tell us and we can discuss other choices. If there are no options, we will try to do a better job explaining the choices you have, to make you feel more at ease.
  • We need to know
    Doctors do not always have the perfect “no questions asked” diagnosis, treatment, or cure. We can do a better job of treating you if you tell us what is wrong, ask questions, and give us honest, complete information about your symptoms or problems.
  • Do not hesitate to talk with us
    If something is bothering you, tell us or one of our staff. It does not matter if you say that our front door is difficult to open, that one of us lost our temper with you, or that the medicine we gave you does not seem to be working. If we know you are unhappy or not satisfied, we can do something about it, if you do not keep the information to yourself.