Frequently Asked Questions

What should I do if the office is closed?

If you are in need of our assistance after hours or on weekends and holidays, you can call our office and our answering service will assist you in reaching one of our on-call doctors who will then connect with you to discuss your concerns and answer questions, suggest treatment or in some cases make arrangements to meet you in the office. We offer this service to save you the time and money that would otherwise be spent in emergency rooms or urgent care centers. In the event that a situation does arise that the on-call doctor decides is best handled in emergency care, they will direct you to the right facility for your treatment.

What do I do on weekends?

When illnesses or accidents occur on evenings, weekends, or holidays, call our office first. If we are closed, our answering service is able to reach the doctor on call at all times. The doctor is often able to make suggestions which will help address your concerns. Sometimes the doctor may make arrangements to meet you at the office. Calling the office first, evenings or weekends may save you time and the expense of going to an emergency room or urgent care center. If the doctor feels you should go to the hospital emergency room, he/she will direct you there. If the situation can wait until the next regularly scheduled office day, the doctor will advise you. Some Managed Healthcare plans require you to notify your primary care physician first before seeking treatment at another facility. In these cases, unless it was a life-threatening situation, your insurance company may deny payment of the claim because it was not approved by your primary care physician. You may then be held responsible for the payment of those charges.

What should I do in an emergency?

An emergency is a life-threatening illness or injury such as a heart attack, uncontrolled bleeding or poisoning. If you have an emergency, call your family physician’s office. We will probably tell you to go to the emergency room. If you cannot reach us quickly, go to the nearest emergency room and ask the staff to contact us. After the emergency has passed, we will provide or oversee your care. For problems that are urgent but not life-threatening, such as sprains, broken bones, fever or stomach pain, call us and we may arrange to see you in the office.

Useful Contacts

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Panther Creek – 281.367.0396
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Phone Numbers

Panther Creek – 281.292.1192
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